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Brenner Foundation to Hold Inaugural Veteran Services Gala

Brenner Foundation will be holding its inaugural Veteran Services Gala at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ on Thursday, October 18th. Proceeds from the Veteran Services Gala will support a partnership with two powerhouse organizations that are well known in the community for their work with veterans. The Bergen County Division of Veteran Services and the Catholic Charities SOS Stakeholders Group will work in association with Brenner Foundation to install diaper banks in New Jersey, which will provide access to clean, dry diapers to struggling veteran families in need. The honoree at the Gala this year is Ariel “AJ” Luna who...Read More

Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking

(April 30th, 2014) New Jersey City University,  People under the age of 21 may not drink often but when they do drink, it is not uncommon for them to have four or five drinks at one time. This behavior is called binge drinking. It is dangerous and can lead to sexual assaults, blackouts, injuries, or even death. (Click the photo to proceed to next picture) If you would like to watch it, a YouTube link can be found here:  (Town Hall Meeting Video). The Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking is sponsored by Mayor Steven M. Fulop and the City Council,...Read More