Tobacco Mailing and Billboard

HCCDFC mailed the following letters (seen below) to 843 tobacco retailers throughout Hudson County to remind them of the tobacco laws, to always check ID and not sell tobacco products to persons under the legal age of 19.  Each mailing included a letter to the store owner, and a modified version of the “Look, See, Check ID” in both English and Spanish. The letter also included the FDA information to each vendor for support.

HCCDFC also advertised New Jersey’s law that prohibits retailers from selling tobacco to customers under the legal age of 19 on twelve billboards throughout the county. The coalition’s aim is to make sure that tobacco retailers follow the law by checking ID and not selling tobacco to youth under 19.


See if you can spot our awesome tobacco billboard in your town! There are 12 of them throughout Hudson County – can you find them all? Take pictures or write down the location for a chance to win a prize!

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